Establish Offshore Bank in Dominica

Offshore banks and offshore banking licenses are becoming increasingly popular in the Caribbean. Not only the leading banks and transnational corporations, conglomerates of small and medium companies, but also the wealthy individuals seeking to use the indisputable advantages of an offshore banking establishment such as:

  • the possibility of tax planning opportunities and to optimize payments,
  • high confidentiality of banking transactions and safety of funds in your own bank,
  • opened possibilities to access to the international network of correspondent banking accounts and to the international credit markets,
  • less stringent requirements for the issuance of offshore banking licenses and to the minimum paid up capital and administrative costs

All these features of offshore banks allow you to increase business opportunities at minimum cost.

Dominica is the one of the attractive and reliable offshore banking jurisdictions in the Caribbean, where everything depends on the general task – to create the leading offshore banking centre. The Dominica Government believes that the good reputation and privacy are the two main foundations on which success is must to be built and make every possible effort in this direction. Dominica is interested only in bona fide international clients who wants legally to do the offshore banking business. Therefore, it is conducted a thorough background check on the each applicant.

The experience of our company in the establishment of offshore banks in Dominica allows us to take our international client through all steps necessary to ensure the positive result of the applications for to get the offshore banking license and the successful opening of an offshore bank in Dominica.

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